Headliner Issue

July 20, 2006

Dodge Truck blog!I received an email today from Mike K. who wrote…

I have a 1996 Dodge 2500 and have a problem with the headliner fabric seperating from the backing near the top of the winshield / visor. I have talked to other owners with newer models who have had the same problem. Adhesive for headliners worked for a while, but I feel the problem is the lack of sufficient overlapp of the fabric around the edge of the backing. Is this considered a manufacturers’ defect?

MIke, I’m no lawyer (thank God) and I have no experience as a service manager, so I’m going to ask our readers if anyone has had to deal with this kind of problem. In addition, I will ask some dealers if they would be willing to respond to your question.  If I receive an answer via email or through this blog, I’ll post it here and reply to your email.  Thanks, great question.


6 Responses to “Headliner Issue”

  1. John H Says:

    I too have a 1996 Ram 1500 with the same headliner issue and yes it is due to the insufficient overlap, but don’t expect DODGE to own up to it any more than they did with the O ring problem they created in the automatic transmission by using the wrong size O ring and knew they were doing it, hell they got your money already so its buyer beware, and they wonder why TOYOTA has become the #1 seller is USA. I think I’ll make a yard ornament out of this Ram and wrap it in a TOOTSIE POP wrapper, its what they made me feel like “SUCKER” !!

  2. Dale J Says:

    Yep! I too have a 1996 Ram pickup with a headliner that has separated. When it began to rest on my head I cut it out. I am currently having it recovered as I write this. I agree about insufficient overlap although can’t say its unexpected to have to replace the headliner after 10+ years . I guess its about time the headliner caught up to the disintegrate dash and steering wheel, and list goes on.

  3. dan Says:

    us too. we have ordered a new one from dodge at a cost of $105.00

  4. I have a 1996 I bought new, same headliner issue, same tranny that went out with 65k on it. and my paint is going bad on the cab and the hood, even though I waxed it 2 or 3 times a year.

  5. shawn frick Says:

    96 black dodge 1500 4 x 4. paint issue on the hood and top of cab. dash cracking. headliner falling. Is the headliner moderately simple to get down and replace yourself?

  6. karen Says:

    I replaced my headliner myself with no problems. Took about one hour. Make sure you use the right adhesive and and put your fabric on first. Then cut the excess fabric away. Looks great! Now I’m going to sand and repaint the roof and hood myself, too. If you take your VIN into an auto paint store, they can mix, and put into spray cans, the same color that was used at the factory. It’s a very economical way to approach this common “chrystler cancer” problem.

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