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October 14, 2006

Hey all, I moved! 
Well, I didn’t actually move, but this Dodge Blog has moved to a new home here.

This is the same blog, same editor – just a different platform from which to talk about all things Dodge truck.  I won’t bore you with the details of why I decided to move, suffice it to say that the new platform affords me better features and more options.  The only limitation of the new site is that I can’t import all the old posts and commenst from this site.  So, for the forseeable future, I’ll keep this alive until I can migrate everything to the new blog.

Thanks to all and sorry if this causes any inconvenience, but I think you’ll appreciate the new site as much as I do.  Visit the new Dodge Blog at

Thanks and best regards,

Dodge (a.k.a. Tom)


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Dodge Truck Grille Guard

Two days ago when I said “To be continued…”, I was hoping to show you a picture of my new grill guard today. As planned, I showed up at the dealership at 7:30 AM (ugh), and dropped off my truck. I was told it would take about an hour and one half to swap out the old guard and mount the new one. I decided to wait, eat breakfast at a local restaurant and catch up on some reading.About the time it was to be done, the service manager appeared in the waiting area and I knew I didn’t like the look on his face. “We have a problem”, he said. He went on to tell me that they pulled the old guard off the truck and were installing the new one when they noticed that there was not a mounting bracket welded to the guard on the right side. He took the time to show me this SNAFU from the manufacturer. It was an obvious mistake that escaped the grill guard manufacturer’s quality control.

The service manager was probably more upset than I was. It was NOT their fault, but regardless, it was still an inconvenience for me and for the dealer. While I waited, they called the manufacturer, explained the problem and arranged for another grill guard to be shipped immediately. I now have a new appointment next week to get my grill guard installed.

As I mentioned, this was not the dealer’s mistake, but Kari Dodge is doing everything necessary to correct it. As a dealer, they are still exceeding my expectations. Heck, they even remounted the old guard, which had they asked, I would have told them to leave it off. Let’s hope that if I do a follow-up post to this thread it will be to show you my new grille guard. To be continued…?

A reader asked me if I got the new grill guard installed yet…

Funny you should ask… the Dealer told me they’d order it and would be available for install the following week. Two weeks later, I hadn’t heard anything so I called them. After speaking to the service manager, then the parts manager, then back to the service manager… they found the grill guard, which had arrived a week ago, but no one seemed to know what it was for 🙂

I have an appointment to get the new guard installed this Thursday. There’s a picture of my old grill guard here, but that doesn’t really show the detail of rust and peeling paint. When the new one is installed (with the powdercoat), I’ll post it on the blog.

To be continued…

News for ’07 models

September 17, 2006

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Help with a master cylinder

September 13, 2006

I just received this message from a reader asking for help with his clutch problem.  If anyone knows the answer, please post it here.  Thanks.

So I have a 99 2500 lb. I had the clutch replaced around 96k the truck now has 130k on it. So the other day my buddy and I took his boat out after we got back and I had backed the boat into its spot and we unloaded I went to go home and I had no clutch peddel!!! It went to the floor and didn’t stop tell it hit the floor. After several calls to dodge and auto houses I found that the master clutch and slave set you back 230.00. While the replacement is also plastic I was wondering if anyone out their knows of a clutch master cylinder that is made out of good old metel insted of plastic?? Any help is appreciated Thanks